First of all hii!!

My name is Andreea and i’m 21 years old. I’m Romanian but i have been living in Portugal for the last 9 years.

Let me start with this: ever since i was little i know i wanted to be a programmer and i really hoped one day i would became one. But 2 years ago i had to take a course in multimedia and one of the classes i had to take was about using Adobe After Effects to make videos and that is when i found a new passion of mine.

Side note : If you are interested in what i did during that course here is the link to my Coroflot and Vimeo page.

Even though i found a new passion when the course ended i  didn’t do any new video.

Fast forward to the beginning of this month(November) i saw a friend of mine create caricatures and for some reason i felt drown to that sensational feeling of creating something with your own “hand”. And i started creating videos again.

I created 3 new videos in a week, which was pretty amazing but i didn’t have a platform where to show them to other so i upload them to my personal youtube account. But i didn’t think that would represent the work i was doing so i decided to make a new youtube account and start uploading there. The name i came up with Creating Craziness. And then i created this blog is would help me keep track of how it was going and maybe get a little better a blogging .


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